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Scope and Policy

Cirugía Plástica Iberolatinoamericana is the official journal of Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery (SECPRE) and the Iberolatinoamerican Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILACP). Its goal is the publication of original works about Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery, Maxilofacial Surgery and Burns. Although it's mainly dedicated to the members of the FILACP, this journal accepts works of plastic surgeons from another countries.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The accepted manuscripts will not be published elsewhere without the authorization of the Editorial Committee.

The copies must be double-spaced typewritten, including figure legends, references and tables. Use one face DIN A4 paper. Three cm (3 cm) margins are required at the top, sides and bottom of the manuscripts.

Because of the Journal diffusion, all the manuscripts must be sent in Spanish or Portuguese with a summary in English. Papers written in Portuguese will be published in this language.

A CD or 3 ½ compatible disk must accompany them. The software used to prepare the disk be Microsoft ® Word, labelled with the title ant the author's name. Illustrations must be submitted in a separated disk.

You must send a letter explaining that the paper has not been published elsewhere. A first author's recent colour photograph, must be included in the CD.

Title page: should comprise:

- Title of paper.

- First name and surname of author (s), Academy degrees.

- Author(s) affiliation(s).

- A footnote indicating sources of funds supporting the work.


It will appear on the second page, with no fewer than 100 words and no more than 400 words. It will no comprise abbreviations, not references. At the end of the Abstract there will be no more than three "Key words" using the list of the Medical Subject Headings-Index Medicus (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/meshbrowser.cgi)

Body of the text

Must conform to acceptable Spanish or Portuguese usage and syntax. The contents must be clear, accurate, coherent, and logical. You must avoid using abbreviations unless they are common using. First time they appear, the whole term must be written and then, the abbreviation. For example: Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

    References in the text must be cited in numerical order.

    The text will consist on:

1.       INTRODUCTION: with the purpose of the work. Only includes the essential references.

2.       MATERIAL AND METHODS: detail description of material (patients, animals), methods, techniques, statistics and software.

3.       RESULTS: graphics and tables cited in numerical order in the text and numbered according in their legends. Use a different numeration for tables and graphics.

4.       DISCUSSION to comment the own findings and those from other authors.

5.       CONCLUSION: it must be concise.

6.       AKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Authors must disclose the names and institutions that have help in any aspect of the work: review, statistical study, translation, etc.


References will be enumerated by appearance in the text as follows:

- Journal paper: López Pérez V.M., Santisco Cepero A., Gómez Alvarez R. and Gutierrez García E. "Síndrome de deficiencia mandibular asociado a labio doble cong©nito. Presentación de un caso". Cir. Plast. Iberlatinamer. 1998; 24 (3): 259.

- Books: Bostwiwck III. "Plastic and reconstructive breast surgery. Vol I." St. Louis: Quality Medical Publishing, INC. 1990. Pp 215-227.

- Chapters in books: Dellon A.L. "Radical Sensory nerve entrapment". In: Operative nerve repair and reconstruction. Vol. II. Editor: Richard H. Gelberman.

- Journals with electronic format: include the journal e-mail.

If a no published but accepted work is include, you must send and authorization from the correspondent journal.


Colour photographs, in a CD, in JPG or GIF format, with good contrast, sharp focus and not retouched will be published without any additional cost. Pre and Postoperative photographs must be identical in terms of size, position and lighting. Drawings should be made by professionals, with ink, sending original and two good copies.

Figure legend must be listed at he end of the paper, after Bibliography.

Tables and graphics

    One in a page:

- Tables: without shadings or inner lines. Footnote including abbreviations can be include, followed by the number (Table I) and the title. If necessary, you can include a commentary after the title.

- Graphics: Barr graphics must be avoid the use of different black/grey tone. You must prefer different textures and indicate the deviation range in every bar. Footnote including abbreviations can be include, followed by the number  (Graphic 1), the title and commentary.


Sending Articles

All manuscripts must be sent by email to the following address: ciplaslatin@gmail.com

More information available through the journal's webpage:



Evaluation of manuscripts

All the information is available through the journal's webpage:



Adittional Information

Cirugía Plástica Iberolatinoamericana does not charge fees for job submission, nor fees for publishing your articles.

All published material becomes the sole property of the journal Cirugía Plástica Iberolatinoamericana.
Submission of the manuscripts implies that the authors agree to each of these conditions.

The contents, photographs and illustrations are the author's responsability.

The Editorial Committee based on the reviews of the guest reviewers makes decisions concerning editing, revision, acceptance or rejection of any manuscripts. The Editorial Committee may include, shortening the article, reducing the number of illustrations or tables, or changing the paper's format. The work may be accompanied by one or more invited discussions if the Committee do desire. This journal is under the normative of Vancouver (www.icmje.org/)

Copies requests must be e-mailed to: ciplaslatin@gmail.com

More information available through the journal's webpage:



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