Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Nutrición Hospitalaria]]> vol. 19 num. lang. <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[Changes in quality of life assessed by means of baros (bariatric analysis and reporting outcomes system) in patients with morbid obesity subjected to salmon´s technique]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional status, intake of macro- and micro- nutrients in candidates for liver transplant]]> <![CDATA[Extra- hospital projection of the nutritional care plan: nursing report on discharge]]> <![CDATA[Assessment of nutritional status in elderly patients on admission to hospital]]> <![CDATA[Sensitivity ans specificity of hospital malnutrition <I>screening</I> tests]]> <![CDATA[Dietary actions in the haematology ward]]> <![CDATA[Puréed food in institutionalized patients as a risk factor for malnutrition]]> <![CDATA[Influence of nutritional status on the evolution of oncological patients]]> <![CDATA[Quality control of carbohydrate bioavailability ans stability in two different diets for kidney failure]]> <![CDATA[Progression of transpiloric probes placed in the patients’ bed]]> <![CDATA[Assessment of a nutritional education programme on the treatment of morbid obesity]]> <![CDATA[Parenteral nutritional quality indicators in critically-ill patients: The need for a protocol]]> <![CDATA[Malnutrition on admission to an internal medicine ward as a prognostic factor]]> <![CDATA[Artificial hospital nutrition: In a crisis?]]> <![CDATA[Survey of the prescription of parenteral nutrition in patients not assessed by the nutrition unit]]> <![CDATA[Assessment of the efficiency of multidisciplinary nutritional support teams in total parenteral nutrition]]> <![CDATA[Implementation of an oral-tolerance based sequential therapy programme]]> <![CDATA[Critical assessment of clinical practice guidelines in parenteral nutrition using the Agree Instrument]]> <![CDATA[Enteral nutritional supplements: A complement to or a replacement for diets?]]> <![CDATA[Follow-up of patients on parenteral nutrition admitted to a neonatology unit]]> <![CDATA[What guide do we choose to administer medicines by nasogastric tube?]]> <![CDATA[Handling antibiotics in patients under treatment with parenteral nutrition]]> <![CDATA[Glucose contents in different enteral nutrition solutions]]> <![CDATA[Prescription of medicines by nasogastric tube and enterostomy]]> <![CDATA[Mineral and vitamin supplements in burn patients]]> <![CDATA[Anti-oxidant ability of the flavonoid quercitin versus oxidative harm to hepatocytes by interleukin 1 beta]]> <![CDATA[Intake of anti-oxidants in normal subjects]]> <![CDATA[Variables modulating quality of life in cancer patients receiving enteral nutrition at home]]> <![CDATA[National Register for Enteral Nutrition At Home (2002)]]> <![CDATA[Parenteral Nutritional At Home Register for 2002]]> <![CDATA[Parenteral nutrition at home, under question in paediatrics]]> <![CDATA[Out-patient enteral nutrition in children: Experience over 10 years]]> <![CDATA[Analysis of the Karnofsky Index in patients receiving enteral nutrition at home]]> <![CDATA[Monitoring of parenteral nutrition at home in European hospitals]]> <![CDATA[Descriptive study of patients with percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy: Implications for indication and health-care expenditure]]> <![CDATA[How has artificial nutrition changed in critically-ill patients at an ICU of a district hospital]]> <![CDATA[Glucoelectrolytic tolerance of a central three-compartment parenteral nutrition formula in critically-ill patients]]> <![CDATA[Pro-inflammatory cytokines and lipid emulsions in the transplant of haematopoietic precursors]]> <![CDATA[Assessment of nutrient and energy intakes in critically-ill patients receiving enteral nutrition therapy]]> <![CDATA[Survey of energy expenditure in anorexia nervosa: concordance between indirect calorimetry and various predictive formulas]]> <![CDATA[Randomized trial: efficacy of a formula enriched with omega 3 acids <I>versus</I> a formula enriched with arginine, in out-patients with tumours of the head and neck]]> <![CDATA[Influence of an immuno-enriched formula in patients with tumours of the head and neck]]> <![CDATA[Study of the relationship between time and degree of response after suppression of cereal gluten in the diet of adult caeliacs]]> <![CDATA[Early nutrition in laparoscopy-aided colon surgery]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional and inflammatory prognosis index in non-critical patients receiving total parenteral nutrition]]> <![CDATA[Is an oral supplement necessary in adult patients with cystic fibrosis?]]> <![CDATA[Assessment of total parenteral nutrition in patients with gastric neoplasia]]> <![CDATA[Evolution of C-reactive protein values after bariatric surgery]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional and immunological parameters in major surgery with peri-operative immunonutrition]]> <![CDATA[Efficacy of oral enteral nutrition in a geriatric home]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional status in connection with indices of dependency, gait and mental status at geriatric homes]]> <![CDATA[Evolution of haematological parameters in patients with total parenteral nutrition due to gastrointestinal fistula]]> <![CDATA[Influence of human growth hormone on the scope of serum proteins in patients subjected to gastrointestinal surgery]]> <![CDATA[Long-chain triglyceride-poor diet: only effective treatment in a child with Dorfman-Chanarin syndrome (illnes due to deposit of neutral lipids)]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional status and energy expenditure in a patient with hereditary dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa]]> <![CDATA[Treatment with biphosphonates in patients with HIV infection and osteoporosis]]> <![CDATA[Parenteral nutrition in patients with carcinoma of the colon and cytostatic treatment]]> <![CDATA[Comparative study of the nutrition used in inflammatory intestinal disease by a nutrition unit as opposed to other hospital departments]]> <![CDATA[Speedily obtainable nutritional parameters in order to indicate early nutritional support in inflammatory intestinal disease]]> <![CDATA[Oxidative stress in Alzheimer patients at different stages of the disease]]> <![CDATA[Parenteral nutrition in patients with transplanted bone marrow]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional assessment of liver transplanted patients]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional status on admission to an oral and maxillofacial surgery ward]]> <![CDATA[Obese pre-pubertal children present hyperleptinaemia associated with insulin resistance]]> <![CDATA[Energy intake of children with cystic fibrosis compared with the theorical recommendations for the Spanish population]]> <![CDATA[Nutritional progress of 19 children and teenagers with cystic fibrosis]]> <![CDATA[Risk factors related with infantile malnutrition in hospital contexts]]> <![CDATA[Out-patient enteral nutrition in children with cancer]]> <![CDATA[Effects of nutrition on anthropometric progress in neonatology]]> <![CDATA[Complications associated with parenteral nutrition in a neonatal unit]]> <![CDATA[Assessment of the acceptance of nutritional supplements in children with impaired development]]> <![CDATA[Comparison of different methods for the estimation of body fat in university students]]> <![CDATA[Abandoning the Mediterranean diet in a population with a high cardiovascular risk]]> <![CDATA[Normal values and limits of normality in hand strength as determined by dynamometry]]>