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Instructions to authors

Instructions to authors are divided in several items detailed as follows (full text is available on Psychological Writings journal's website:

1. Instructions to authors general

2. Instructions to authors original articles

3. Instruction to authors theoretical and review articles

4. Instruction to authors case studies

5. Instruction to authors methodology and instrumentation

6. Instruction to authors letters to the editorial board

7. Conflict of interest disclosure form

8. Checklist for manuscript submission

9. Author's statement form

10. European regulations on animals experimentation


Sending jobs

The journal Psychological Writings does not charge fees for job submission, nor fees for publishing your articles.

The manuscript should be submitted to the journal's website filling the following form: http://www.escritosdepsicologia.es/eng/i_sendingjobs.html


Review and editorial decision process

The review and editorial decision process will develop as follows (a more comprehensive and detailed information of this process is available in http://www.escritosdepsicologia.es/eng/i_reviewprocess.html)

1. Acknowledgment of receipt of the manuscript (within one week).

2. Initial review of the  manuscript by a member of the Editorial Board who will coordinate the revision process.

3. Psychological Writings will send the reviewers' comments to the author(s) and inform them whether the paper has been accepted within three months since submission.

4. If the manuscript is accepted with changes, the authors should send the corrected version back in three months. Also, they should send a letter detailing how they have followed the reviewers' suggestions. They will receive a definite editorial answer in a month and a half.

5. Once the article has been accepted, the definite manuscript should be sent and The Authors' Statement Form, which is available in the journal's website, should be completed and addressed.


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