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  • Since 2011 the Revista Española de Salud Pública has only electronic publishing and has no print edition.
  • Since it is an open acces journal, you can access the full text of papers published in the www.msc.es/resp direction. The papers are accessible from four indexes: chronological, by type of work, materials and authors.
  • You can also access the full text of the articles from PubMed and from any of the repositories in which the journal is included, although the most updated website is www.msc.es/resp.
  • You can subscribe to the mailing list email to receive our news in the home of our website
  • The SciELO online version of the journal employs the SciELO Methodology developed by FAPESP and BIREME. All online material published in this site is available free of charge.


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