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Scope and policy

The Journal of Osteoporosis and Mineral Metabolism publishes works in Spanish, which will be translated into English in its electronic format, and is offered freely and through its website. Access is complete all items in both languages (Spanish and English), no grace period or seizure without registration.

The manuscripts will be considered by the Steering Committee of the Journal. All manuscripts will be evaluated by at least two referees, experts in this area, which made its assessment in a blinded fashion.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

For the publication of articles, the journal follows the general guidelines described in the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted for publication in medical journals, drawn up by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Available at http://www.icmje.org. In evaluating the articles received, the Editorial Committee will take into account compliance with the following writing protocol.

Manuscripts should be emailed to the address romm@ibanezyplaza.com.

The Journal Editorial will acknowledge receipt immediately by e-mail also, and the editorial review process begins, which is usually completed in less than 3 months.

The acceptance of manuscripts depends on their compliance with the "posting rules" of the Journal available in the webpage http://revistadeosteoporosisymetabolismomineral.com/e_normas.php.


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